How to burn your soy candle correctly and safely...

· Your first burn is the most important, only light the candle when you can burn for at least 3-4 hrs. Why you ask?

· Soy wax has a memory because of this when you first light your candle the wax needs to melt to the edge of the vessel (glass or tin). This prevents what us chandlers call tunneling, which is were the wax has a small wax pool and does not burn right to the edges of the vessel, this is turn creates a tunnel affect down the inside of the vessel.

· Once the wax has melted to the edge of the vessel you have achieved your first burn successfully. Well done.

· Do not burn your candle for too long once you have achieved your wax pool, this is because the wick will become too long which can lead to a large flame and soot build up, which could cause a fire hazard.

· When you come to relight, your candle, trim the wick to approximately 5mm, this stops smoking and burning too fast.

· When you get to the near the bottom of the vessel blow the candle out when there is about 1cm of wax left. This stops the vessel getting to hot and the possibility of the glass exploding.

· Always burn your candle sensibly – away from draughts, on a flat surface and away from flammable materials.

Enjoy burning your candles any questions drop me a message

Burning a candle for first time
First burn of a candle

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